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Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight. Thomas Carlyle

outcell Insight! offfers just that! Insight to you and your business about your customers' wants, needs and demographic.

outcell Insight! is a subscription based facility that utilises data collected using outcell Reach! and outcell Front! products. All data is collated and stored securely on outcell servers and made available to your business via online reports and graphs.

outcell Insight! offers many reporting options, including the ability to compare reports accross all of your outcell sites. So if you are utilizing outcell products at more than 1 site, all site data can be correlated and compared.

outcell Insight! reports can be accessed easily by logging in to the outcell Customer Portal or your reports can be emailed regularly straight to your inbox. Report types are customisable and, once generated, kept to enable comparison over time.


outcell insight sample
Pictured: A sneak peek of outcell Insight!
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