About us 

outcell is an all Australian visual marketing solutions provider, based in Melbourne, Victoria.

We design, develop and distribute our visual, interactive software and systems for retail business. Our goal is to deliver flexible, powerful solutions that harness the limitless marketing potential of digital display technology. Most importantly, we ensure our solutions are simple to use.

We look forward to servicing your digital display needs, now and in the future.

Return on Investment

All outcell products have been designed with on-selling in mind to maximise your return on investment. Features such as product priority allow one product to gain more exposure than others. Also the outcell Reach! ability to spread a single product out over the entire span of the window can provide amazing exposure. Both of these features can be packaged up as an optional service that your business can then on-sell as an extended and chargable service to your customers. 

This is an integral cost-benefit philosophy that the entire outcell product range adopts and has the potential to greatly improve the productivity and marketability of your front window space.

Simplicity is the Key

outcell is not your typical technology or media based business, we believe power is in simplicity and we demonstrate this in all of our products. We see technology as the base foundation from which we build our innovative product range, not the product itself.

In our view there is little point in having products that boast excessive functionality when they are too complicated or take up too much time to use. We have designed a powerful framework that can be used at many levels, so our products can be used at whatever level you feel comfortable. Whether you have an artistic flair, business savvy, are technically minded or just want to get the job done, outcell products will work with you.

Technology and Tradition, a Powerful Combination!

It is not often that technology and tradition can share the same space and get along, but when they do it should look something like outcell Reach!.

There is and has been a culture for many years, of going to a Real Estate office and looking at the grid of photos showing the properties on offer. This is what we know. This is what we have come to expect. We here at outcell don't only acknowledge that culture, we embrace it.

outcell Reach!, provides an active display package that extends this culture, using technology to transform your window into a powerful stage from which your business is on show.

Discrete Technology

outcell strongly subscribes to a discrete technology model. We encourage that our products fit into the environment of the business we service.

We wish for your customers to see our products, not as technology in a window, but as dynamic paintings that portray your product and blend into your business. The technology is irrelevant to your customer and should be, so we encourage customisation of the active panels to fit into your business culture. You can surround our display panels with almost anything - wood, stainless steel, acrylic or any number of other available frame types. Colour, shape, size, it's your choice and we can arrange it all for you.

outcell is all about discrete technology, making your customer feel as comfortable and as close to your brand as possible.


First impressions do count so to stand out from the crowd, your business needs to express itself.

outcell products help your business enhance, maintain or event find its identity. By using our products, we provide you with a smart canvas, the right tools and advice, from which we will help your business express its brand in a very unique and entertaining way.

Our products do not force your business to fit to our mould. outcell products will fit the mould of your business.


outcell has designed its product range with flexibility in mind. This flexibility allows for relative portability and this leads the way for flexible pricing options. Systems requiring more infrastructure and setup make leasing more difficult and less appealing. Whether your business prefers to purchase, rent or lease, these options are available.

We look forward to providing custom solution configurations, to businesses of all types and sizes, small and large, hence the outcell range is priced very competitively.